Discover the Treasure of the Living and Intelligent Body

LΣΥ is a kinetic/dance method of exploring the body. Taking contemporary dance as a starting point and drawing on the dance theatre field, it aims to take a new/alternative and innovative approach to the performance process. It is an individualized experiential pathway that utilizes the personal identity and subjective potential of each individual through the perpetual movement of the body.  

The "kinetic" body emits elements of our own personality, which makes us UNIQUE. We need all of them, as long as we are present in each moment, keeping alive the choice to transform ourselves by remaining in the "here" and "now". By focusing on the senses and interaction, LΣΥ cultivates the transformation of the unconscious into the conscious.

Because of this "awakening" and the transition from non-conscious to conscious, it enables every human being to express and communicate, through movement, themselves even if dance itself is not part of their professional or non-professional interests.

The LΣΥ method becomes the springboard for participants to explore, discover, recognize and ultimately decode their bodily intelligence.

Thinking body or body under thought?

Our Story

After 20 years of teaching experience, Tasos Bekiaris proposes a method that aims to explore the "dancing" body. With an insightful view through this long teaching journey and with the students and dancers of his group as valuable companions, he gains important insights into performance and technique. Gains that he condenses with the acronym LC [L E P A D _C A B E K] as a distillation of the methodical journey of the LOAD Dance Theatre team.

In 2016 he communicates for the first time, with great success, elements of this methodology in the context of an experimental seminar, addressed to dance students, dancers and people without any dance experience. In 2018 he expands his research, in the context of a second seminar, in collaboration with the ballet school of Maya Demopoulou. Since then, the LC methodology has been his main tool, both in terms of teaching and creative dance writing. A methodology that, with the aim of communication, is shared with those who feel the need of a physical expression, dancers and non-dancers alike.

The first official seminar of the method was held in 2021. It was address to people from different dance backgrounds with th aim of their complete transformation into global dancers/performers. The process was completed in September 2022 producing the dancetheatre performance SARAGINI.